OTHERWISE understands itself as a collaborative research platform with a growing network of artists, designers, activists, theorists and scientists.

Bernadette Köbele

Bernadette is a transdisciplinary artist working in theatre production, performance studies and mixed media arts. Her multi-part project “colonial washing” researches everyday micro-practices informed by colonial heritage and explores how to overcome them by embracing multiplicity. Central to her work is the concept of masquerade, a cultural technique aimed at obscuring and overwriting histories.

Flurina Gradin

Flurina is a designer and researcher interested in urban ecologies and biodiversity discourses. Her work focuses on mediation and education within the academic context and for the wider public. From excursions to events and publishing projects, Flurina bridges expert discourses, place-based engagements and applied research projects.

Jonas Gillmann & Seraina Dür

Seraina Dür and Jonas Gillmann are the initiators behind the project “theatre as pigeonloft”. For a couple of years, they have been living together with a group of pigeons, studying and observing their behaviour, and while doing so, rediscovering the urban environment through their eyes. They are interested in forms of co-living, of becoming other, and in challenging the nature/culture divide.

Karolina Sobecka
USA / D / CH

Karolina Sobecka is an artist and researcher whose work is centered on environmental concerns and science and technology development. Her current projects explore the histories of ecology and their legacies in the contemporary formulations of carbon governance. Karolina’s artwork has been shown internationally, and has received numerous awards, including from Creative Capital, New York Foundation for the Arts and Princess Grace Foundation.

Marit Mihklepp

Marit is speculating on the possibilities of communication between humans and other-than-humans. Questioning the existing systems of knowledge making and highlighting the less noticed - too far, too small, too slow - her work includes instructed experiences, performative lectures, pieces with written and visual elements.

Michail Rybakov

Michail Rybakov is a media artist and researcher working in a broad field ranging from product choreography and experimental film to computational art. His main interests include embodied interaction and human experience in the post digital world.

Vanessa Lorenzo Toquero

Vanessa is a researcher and trans-disciplinary designer based in Lausanne. Influenced by ethno-fiction, feminist theory and speculative design methology, she creates scenarios embedding people, the more-than-human and the technologies that interweave them in order to enable odd sympathies and post-anthropocentric futures.